My First YouTube with my Son

I’m working away at the technical side of things for my project as I consider some of the details/ format for my students. I’ve decided that I will pilot this project with two of my PAA 8 classes. I have seven new classes of students as of Friday (semester switch for PAA- we’re the only ones that do that in our middle years school) so the timing for this project is perfect. As I consider and play around with the criteria/ objectives of the project and rubrics to guide the students’ learning, I thought I should experiment with making my own YouTube video. In the end I hope to have a project that engages students through effective use of the internet and social media and that they can document their learning via video. I also hope that their videos will teach each other what they learned about PAA.

So to learning about YouTube…My son has been watching YouTube since he was about three. We connected him one day almost 4 years ago after having little luck finding monster trucks and other machines on DVD. Ever since he has been hooked. We of course monitor his viewing and time allotted to view videos, but what we have learned is that he often chooses videos that teach him something rather than are for mere entertainment. If it is not construction or some kind of machinery, it’s paleontologists and dinosaurs documentary clips he finds. After he has watched a video or even during watching, he can be found constructing something out of his toys and craft supplies that he saw created on YouTube or that has given him a new idea.  One day he will be an engineer or some type of designer I’m sure!

Over the past several months he has begged me to create a YouTube video after becoming hooked on the Axel and Daddy Show. These videos document the everyday adventures of Axel and his dad whether in their back yard, on holidays or even at the carwash!

I have always made up some excuse like I do not know how to do a YouTube video, but now I must finally learn for my project. So, I thought I might as well have my son Rainn be part of this trial run. Our first kick at this is not quite as refined as Axel and his dad’s videos, but Rainn’s motivation to do this definitely came from them. So here is our first, very crummy video!

Some refining in the future, but he was so tickled to access his own video on YouTube!  Now back to the technical part. I found three useful videos for those of you that have never uploaded a YouTube video before. Making the video and uploading it was rather painless once I figured out what kind of privacy setting I wanted. I also discovered that I could post the video from my iPhone right to YouTube and will try that next time. The first video is quick and simple to get your video up fast.

This video gives a solid overview of two different ways to make your videos private and two ways to share private videos.

And the final video explains the difference between public, unlisted and private options when you upload your video.

I chose unlisted for this first video upload not being sure that I’m ready for it to be accessible on the YouTube search by everyone, but as unlisted it allows me to share it with my wife and with anyone reading this blog post. This is probably also the best option if you have concerns about your students videos being searched by the general public.

What is next? More YouTube practice? Vlogging? Rubrics and project outlines? I still have to sort that out.



One thought on “My First YouTube with my Son

  1. What a great idea! I’m sure Rainn loved to make his video and see it uploaded to Youtube. Such a great way for students/kids to take charge of their learning and experiences. It’s a nice way to give them a voice and share what they are interested in.


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