Summary of Learning

It took me a while to sort out what I wanted to do for my summary of learning and  I soon discovered that it was not an easy task to condense everything into a short video. However, I did it! Digital learning is about continuous learning so even as I started to collect my thoughts about what I wanted to share, I found myself reading articles and watching videos on what tools would best meet my needs. I learned about the presentation concept of Pecha-Kucha, how I might use it with PowerPoint, and then found a useful video explaining all the nuts and bolts of editing my narration, converting files, and uploading the video to my YouTube channel. I knew some of these processes already, but a quick refresher was helpful. In this video, it also taught me about Audacity, which I’m excited to use in the future as a simple audio editing too.

EC & I 831 pushed me out of my comfort zone both technically and pedagogically as an educator. I hope this summary video captures some of my experiences and where I hope to go in the future. Thank you everyone for such a great learning environment to interact in.



6 thoughts on “Summary of Learning

  1. I have enjoyed following along with your posts, Nathan. This is an excellent summary. I also had a hard time deciding how to create my summary of learning. After watching yours and some of the others I wish I had spent more time looking into some of the creation tools out there.

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  2. Nice!I cannnot believe that Bristol is now one of my least favorite races. Drivers like it? Who cares? We pay the friggin’ bills! (Well, sort of)vsartinM.ille save us–indeed.


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